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Vibration Isolation Products

Regupol and Regufoam Vibration have been developed to isolate vibrations in buildings — with 20 unique products, all with varying load ranges and proven performance.

Many factors can cause unwanted vibration that transmits into the building structure and living areas as secondary airborne noise. These unwanted vibrations are even more frequent in highly populated areas due to above or underground rail lines and industrial areas.

Real estate costs due to scarcity in major metropolitan areas continue to rise. The lower cost property development near railway lines gives developers an opportunity to construct buildings in otherwise less desirable locations where the buildings may be subject to unwanted vibration from the environment.

On-site testing has proven that Regupol and Regufoam vibration isolation products routinely outperform the minimum specifications and sound isolations in many projects.

  • Customized solutions deliver the right material choice for your individual project
  • Wide choice of products for the most economical and technically precise solution
  • Engineering support and proven product performance

The isolation achieved with Regupol and Regufoam has been documented to consistently perform at a high level. Post construction testing and measurements have revealed long lasting isolation effects within the structure.

In cooperation with acoustic engineers, Regupol Acoustics has also developed custom products for particularly demanding project requirements.

Regupol Vibration

Regupol Vibration

Regupol vibration is a high performance elastomer made of rubber fibers, granules and polyurethane. It is available in 8 unique types, each engineered for a specific load range, and is available in rolls or sheets.

Regupol vibration offers low natural frequencies (f0 ≥ 7.5 Hz), which are constant over wide load ranges and can be installed in multiple layers. Some types are supplied with a dimpled underside to decrease the dynamic stiffness and to provide an air gap.

Regufoam Vibration

Regufoam Vibration

Regufoam vibration is a mixed-cell polyurethane foam, developed and engineered for vibration and structure-borne sound isolation. It is available in 12 unique types, each for a specific load range.

Regufoam vibration offers outstanding internal damping and low frequency isolation while supplying minimal deflection. This material comes in standard thicknesses  of 25 mm (1”) and 12.5 mm (½”) and can be installed in multiple layers to achieve a total thickness of 37.5 mm (1 ½”), 50 mm (2”) or more.